There is no question that these days, technology went so far in our beloved cars and the days when you have to put your car on a Dyno to enhance hidden power, are memories from the past. All our Performance Chiptuning Boxes are programmed in combination with the specific car model on a state of the art Dyno and this data we have sealed in our Performance Chip Tuning boxes. As there is a difference if the car is new or pre-owned when it comes to safety and performance, we decided to go with a +15 % gain only which we call STAGE 1. As an example, if we speak about a Bentley Continental GT Speed (Gen 2) with 635 HP's and 820 Nm, you can expect measurable +15% more power and more torque which in this case are 730,25 HP´s and 984 Nm more. Note, these numbers are based on our Performance Chiptuning only with no custom sport-exhaust, no down-pipe and no performance air-filter.

Simply Perfect for your daily Fun!

Image by Roberto Nickson
Image by Håkon Sataøen



For those that say, I need much more than +15 % to have a happy soul, we offer a solution where we adjust from our Software Center your power on your car, no matter where in the world you are at the moment. In this case you must go connect a Laptop to your ECU (Board-Computer) and our engineers do the rest for you and modify the engine up to +30%. Those that follow LOMA Wheels and Racing since the beginnings, they know that we have done endless engines with over 1250 HP's that were driven on a daily basis while raced on the weekends. If you are one of these, Stage 2 is what you are looking for. Custom Sport-Exhaust-System and Down-pipes will be part of the package. You have to be aware that in this case most of the time some mechanical work will be needed, and we will be happy to recommend you one of our worldwide certified installation partners to do the job. Our intention is to enhance power without stressing the engine and without stressing You. If Stage 2 is what you are looking for, please inquire and our experts will assist you.




Since the very beginning was LOMA born out of the idea, to get Motorsport Performance on a daily basis. A vehicle that is powered to your needs and can be driven on daily is what our goal is. LOMA become famous with engine modifications up to 1250 HP´s and so we bring years of experience into this niche. Our Stage 1 performance chiptuning box is born on the best Dyno available and than saved as program.


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